Saturation System Specification

Specification Summary

  • 15 man capacity 3 men bell modular design
  • Unit with a 3oo MSW capability
  • It is designed for ease of mobilisation and consists of thirteen lifts
  • Dive Control and Saturation Control Rooms are combined in one unit to minimise the footprint
  • Life Support Machinery is contained within a single unit to further minimize the footprint
  • There are three living chambers connected to a single transfer chamber
  • A HRC is provided for diver evacuation and has a custom built Emergency Control
  • The bell LARS is hydraulically powered; however bell and MBU winches have air driven
  • Motors which can be manually clutched in should of either of the two hydraulic power packs if the hydraulic motors fail.

13 Lifts Parts

  • DDC 3, TUP, Bell LARS and Bell
  • DDC 1
  • DDC 2
  • Winch Skid
  • Bell LARS Power Pack Module
  • Combined Dive and Saturation Control Rooms
  • Machinery Van
  • Stores complete with Electrical Power Distribution Boards
  • HRC
  • HRC Control Van
  • HRC Escape Trunking
  • Two connection spools for DDC to TUP
  • Workshop

15 Men 300 MSW Saturation System

3 Men Diving Bell and LARS

Life/SAT Support Control Van

Machinery Van

Launch and Recovery System

15 Men Hyperbaric Rescue System

Fly Away Package


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