Bunker & Lube Trading/Brokering

Big M Marine can act as brokers and remain objective in the bunker value chain for both suppliers and buyers.We strive to get you quality products at the most competitive price possible and getting your product delivered safely while avoiding quality/quantity disputes.We ensure the best of quality and performance standards. Bunkering services we offer:

  • Bunkering Management
  • bunker fleet management
  • Bunker trading
  • Pysical supply network
  • Cargo trading
  • Sample testing

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Incorporated in Singapore, Big M Marine Pte Ltd provides marine, offshore and civil construction services and solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and high in quality and safety standards.

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Shieddah Salleh (Sales Manager)
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Hafiz (Assistant Director)
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For enquiries, email us at sales@bigmmarine.com
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